We firmly believe that our hands on approach coupled with Active Rehabilitation is the best way to get you back to full fitness quickly. 

Our unique combination of articulation, mobilisation, deep and soft tissue massage, ultra-sound, stretching and the widest range of treatments services means you can be confident of receiving a treatment programme that is created specifically for you. 


Senior Physiotherapist - Richard Goldie

Injuries/Sports Injuries- £45 (Initial appointment 30 minutes, follow up treatments 30 minutes)

Senior Sports Therapist- George Goldie

Injuries/Sports Injuries- £25 (Initial appointment 45 minutes, follow up treatments 30 minutes)

1 Hour Sports Massage- £35

Half Hour Sports Massage- £25

Payments and Cancellations:
  • Payments by cash or cheque 
  • Payments required at the time of consultation
  • Cancellations require a 24-hour notice 
What to bring:
  •  Appropriate dress (e.g. shorts to change into if examining lower limbs)